Internship Information

Congratulations on gaining an Internship and taking the opportunity to complete your Diploma Level 6 Qualification in a tourism workplace.

Our goal is to support you to have an enjoyable and safe internship, to ensure that your assessment goes well and that you complete your level 6 diploma.

This journal is your tool to staying on track with your work. Use it to make notes, keep important information and contact details. This journal should always be kept with you = World Ready, World Ready.

To gain your Diploma qualification the following will need to be completed successfully:

·       Complete a minimum of 300 hours of work with your Internship Provider (Verification of the hours being completed will be signed off by your Supervisor/Manager)


Successful completion of the Internship Journal and online assessment, which is comprised of 8 tasks. There are 6 assessments (3 pre and 3 post departure) and 2 feedback tasks, to be completed. Each task, and the Moodle assessment, must be submitted by the allocated deadlines.


·       Completion of the Internship Assessment of Student Performance must be signed off by your Supervisor/Manager. To achieve this, you must be rated at a satisfactory or outstanding level of performance for 10 out of the 11 areas that are evaluated.


·       To ensure you are clear about the areas being covered, a copy of the performance categories is in this booklet (Appendix 1).  You may want to look over these regularly so that you can reflect on which areas you may need to improve and be prepared for the employer’s evaluation.